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Undie Run for Jimmy

Our colleague and friend, Negar, will be be doing Cupid's Undie Run in Washington DC, for the the third time! Her inspiration is her buddy, Jimmy, an amazing, funny and resilient 3-year-old boy who is living with Neurofibromatosis. To support Negar and Jimmy, please read more here.:

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Ellie in Times Square

Ellie and her mom appeared in the bright lights of Broadway on September 19, 2015, as part of the National Down Syndrome Society's annual Times Square video presentation. Read more here.

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Liburd Boys Join the
Marine Corps Marathon

Leandros, our patient, and twin brother, Rowan, participated in the annual MCM Healthy Kids Fun Run. The 1-mile kids-only course was held at the Pentagon on October 26, 2013. Great job, boys!

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Transition Success Story:
Liza Patchel

A lifetime of care at Kennedy Kreiger, along with her mother's no-pity approach to parenting, helped Liza on her path to earning a master's degree and living independently. Click here to read her story as reported in Potential, a publication of Kennedy Krieger Institute.

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Fabian's Story

Alliance joined the team at Kennedy Kreiger and its affiliate PACT to help a joyful African boy, Fabian, live life to the fullest. Click here to read about his mother's journey to save him.

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A Story about Sylvia and
Her Long Lost Orthotist

It all started about ten years ago when Rich Tindall made an AFO for ...(read more)


Information for Clinicians and Therapists

SureStep Courses
SureStep's courses are specifically designed for clinicians and therapists that specialize in pediatrics. Click here to visit their website or register for on-demand courses.

Allard Courses

The Allard Learning Center! offers various Continuing Competence Seminars and In-service Training Sessions throughout the country. All of their courses are approved by ABC/BOC and by local Physical Therapy Boards and Associations for CEU credits. Click here to visit their website.

Fancy Foot Work

Hypotonia: To Brace or Not to Brace? Click here to read the full article by Bernie Veldman of SureStep.

Cascade DAFO Courses

The Cascade DAFO Institute offers a variety of online courses, live workshops and educational resources. Click here to visit their website.